New Web Site and Facebook Page

The Tri-County farmers market has a new website: The new Facebook page is: This website you are now viewing

Board Election Results

The following people were elected to the board of the Tri-County Farmers Market at the October 4 Fall Meeting. President:

Board Response to the Grievances

Here is the complete list of board responses to the grievance list.Board Response grievances

August 19, 2014 Corrected Minutes

Here are the final minutes for the August 19, 2014 meetingCorrected Minutes August19_TCFM Board Meeting

August 12, 2014 Board Meeting Minutes

Here are the board meeting minutes for August 12, 2014Corrected Minutes_August12_2014

August 9, 2014 Final Amended Minutes

Here are the final August 9 corrected and amended minutes. Corrected Minutes August9 2014

Annual Meeting to Elect Officers Saturday October 4, 2014

As per the bylaws the annual meeting to elect officers and conduct general business occurs on the first Saturday of

Board Member Contact List

Here is the contact list for the board of directors. Save a copy locally!Board contact list

General Farmers Meeting March 29, 2014

Here are the minutes for the March 29 2014 general meeting when the initial move vote place. Please note this

Dates for Retreats for the IC Church Parking Lot

Here are the list of dates presented to the City by the Church when we would not be able to